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Janser Strato Mobil IV Download

Janser Floor Removal Machine Catalogue


  • New improved model for 2019, the Strato Mobil IV features more torque for those tougher jobs.

  • Also has adjustable guide handle - so can be adjusted to suit working conditions/ size of the operator

  • Weights are easily removed, this together with a "flat" handle position that can be achieved, makes transportation so much easier!

  • Forward and Reverse

  • NEW - Wheel hubs with freewheel option for easy handling and easy pushing of the machine without power.

  • NEW - Variable speed control.

  • Supplied with 5 different blade profiles - used accordingly depending on the material to be removed

  • Total machine weight: 190kg

  • Net Weight: 85kg

  • Machine available in 240V

Strato Mobil IV
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